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About Locatio

A few introductory words


Locatio has its origin in 2010. Since 2014 a name change is responsible for Locatio.

Locatio brings the focus back to the client and with us the tenant is central in the housing question. However, Locatio is more. We are a commercial realtor that solely acts for tenants. Our core business is streamlining and optimizing housing. Locatio offers it’s clients a large network and 100% focus within the margins set for each assignment. Our result-oriented work offers clients maximum flexibility within rent agreements, with office or company space suited for the present and future and with savings compared to the present situation (up until 40%).

A commercial realtor, but only for tenants

Transparency at the front

Locatio has no conflicting interests and a clear position in the real estate market. With thorough advice, a personal touch and clear reports, Locatio believes that housing can be beneficial for a company instead of the other way around.

Streamlining and optimizing house allocation is our core business.

Locatio’s specialist knowledge concentrates in:

  • Housing reports;
  • Lease extensions;
  • Relocation projects;
  • Implementing New Way of Working;
  • Sustainability analyses.

With knowledge, experience and enthusiasm, Locatio believes that it’s service is distinguishable and creates a maximum win/win situation. Locatio is a solid partner for your organisation with 40+ references.

Curious to know what can be the advantages for you and your organisation? We kindly invite you for an office tour and a non-committed consultation.


Space requirement analysis

Your organisation constantly has to adapt to the economic situation, but does this also count for your accommodation?

A space requirement analysis is the collective term for a thorough plan of approach. While executing this plan we have conversations within the organisation and we conduct analyses. From these analyses we form a concept.

Why a concept? A good concept strings together all analyses. It’s like a red thread in the housing issue, this way we can obtain an image of the organisation quickly and we can address the action points. With an adequate space requirement we are ahead of the competition. Through our experience and collaboration with high quality partners, Locatio is specialist in determining the space requirement and solutions suitable for the client. During the entire project we think along with you and stand by you with practical advice.

Relocation program

Nowadays, the office or business space is not solely a functional means of business, but more and more it is becoming an extension or part of the organisation’s identity.

Deciding on renting new office or business space is a long term decision and has a huge impact on all essential company processes.

Therefore, the decision of renting new office or business space has to be well considered.

Locatio knows exactly what is important in renting new office of business space. We know the possibilities, but also the pitfalls. We offer a professional support during this entire leasing process and help you to turn your wishes into concrete housing solutions.

Prolongation program

Due to the present market situation, chances are high that when your business lease contract expires, you can realize a substantial optimization, combined with tightening other rental conditions. In our approach we not only look at the rental price, but also judge the lease agreement from a much broader perspective.

Matters like the (technical) state of the property, work method, desired flexibility and other factors are critically taken into consideration. Moreover, complete independence plays a crucial part in our service.

When hiring us, you can be guaranteed of a thorough approach in which your interests are our priority, and in which we always strive for maximum results. And of course, we will not lose sight of the importance of a pleasant relationship between landlord and tenant.

Sustainability analysis

We embrace sustainability. By working on sustainability, we take care of a better living environment without cutting short on comfort.

Interested to know if you can lower your operating expenses? Interested to know what you can save when completely turning off the computers every day? Or are you more interested in saving energy through solar panels?

For sustainable solutions most often you will have to invest in the property or the rented space. This investment has to be a cooperation between landlord and tenant and the ‘profit’ has to be proportional to the investment.

Locatio advices in sustainable solutions and coordinates meetings between landlord and tenant.

Operating expense analysis

The current annual settlements will be studied. When having a maintenance backlog and aging of equipment, high maintenance costs arise that will be charged to the tenant.

As there are often hundreds of invoices billed to operating expenses, mistakes are easily made when calculating the total sum and when allocating these costs. Locatio goes through all these invoices and checks these on correctness and legal feasibility in order to eliminate questionable invoices.


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